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Silk Worms

Our company Tosheka Textiles is a social enterprise that has pioneered the production of Eri silk in Kenya, East Africa. We have introduced Eri silk production in a drought-stricken area and are providing substantial incomes to engage 3,000 rural households in fabric production.

Silk has been identified as a product that can help farmers diversify their incomes. For centuries, silk has had a reputation as a luxurious and sensuous fabric that is associated with wealth and success. We want to introduce you to Eri Silk a new domesticated Silk that is:  Woolly white silk and often referred to as the fabric of peace as it is processed without killing the silkworm.  Eri silk is valued for the strong, supple fabric it produces. Eri silk earned its moniker ‘ahimsa silk’ peace silk and is one of the most sustainably produced fabrics in the world.

02. Services

Silk Products

The following is a brief summary of a highly profitable, socially and economically impact full business venture. The project’s primary focus is the production, training and sale of organic fertilizers & pesticides for the East African region. The secondary business opportunity is the production of health care, consumer products as well as hardwood for building lumber. Both of these enterprises will provide business capacity building, broad and substantial job creation.

The developing world’s agricultural systems have been dominated and directed to benefit the interest and exploitation the Western world. We have been forced to use deadly chemical verses our traditional resources and methods of farming. In Africa there is a wide chasm between the application of the knowledge of the traditional farmers, the agricultural research science and the practical use of natural plant products for farming and consumer products.

03. Services

Neem Products

Neem is an excellent organic pesticide / repellent with a broad-spectrum pest control activity and is proven effective against 350 species of insects which are extremely damaging to agricultural crops. It works on chewing and sucking insects and interrupts their basic instincts to eat, breed and lay eggs. Eating is interrupted soon after neem is applied, while other behavior disruptions may occur up to a few days later, if the insect is not already dead from starvation.

Neem is non-toxic to crops, humans and animals and birds can eat debilitated insects with no ill-effects. Neem does not destroy natural predators and parasites of pests thereby allowing these natural enemies to keep a check on the pest population. It is biodegradable; does not harm beneficial insects and insects do not build-up a resistance.

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